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Welcome to the personal web page of Emilien Joly. I currently hold a Tenure Track position at the mexican center of research CIMAT in the team Probabilidad y Estadísticas.
I did a PHD under the supervision of Gábor Lugosi (Professor at Pompéu Fabra Universitat) and Gilles Stoltz (Chargé de recherche CNRS in HEC).

The title of the thesis : Robust estimation for heavy-tailed distributions. pdf

My main interest fields are, among others, robust estimation, concentration, isoperimetrical inequalities, hypercontractivity, semi-parametric inference.

For further information, here is a CV.

I am also on Research Gate.


Address :

Bureau H105, Bâtiment H
Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas,
De Jalisco 8A, Valenciana,
36240 Guanajuato, Gto.

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Phone :

(+55) 473-738-09-27

To come

18,19,20 of April : Escuela de Probabilidad y Estadistica at CIMAT, Mexico