Emilien Joly

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Bureau H105, Bâtiment H
Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas,
De Jalisco 8A, Valenciana,
36240 Guanajuato, Gto.

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(+55) 473-738-09-27

Research fields

Published papers and preprints

In progress

Concentration of the bootstrap for bounded kernels
with Noiry N., preprint, 2020

Concentration results for spectral deconvolution of unitarily invariant models
with Tarrago P., preprint, 2020

Estimating the coalescence in phase type models using bootstrap methods
with Miró Pina V. and Siri-Jegousse A., preprint, 2020


On the consistency of a random forest algorithm in the presence of missing entries
with Gomez Mendez I., submitted to Annals of Statistics, 2020
pdf› , ‹arxiv

Group testing and PCR : a tale of charge value
with Mallein B., submitted to Bernoulli, 2020
pdf› , ‹arxiv

Practical targeted learning from large data sets by survey sampling
with Chambaz A et Bertail P, submitted, 2019
pdf› , ‹hal

Published articles

On the estimation of the mean of a random vector
with Lugosi G. and Oliveira R., Electronic Journal of Statistics, 2017
pdf› , ‹journal

A Minkowski Theorem for Quasicrystals
with Guiheneuf P-A, Discrete and computational Geometry, 2017
pdf› , ‹journal

Robust estimation of U-statistics
with Lugosi G, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 2016
pdf› , ‹journal

Empirical risk minimization for heavy-tailed losses
with Brownless C and Lugosi G, Annals of Statistics, 2015
pdf› , ‹journal

Locally Disrupted Synchronization in Langevin Molecular Dynamics
with Georgescu A, Denny SJ, Chen G, Perez D and Voter AF, Physical reviews E, 2012
pdf› , ‹journal

Book chapter(s)

Computationally fast targeted learning using adaptive survey sampling
with Chambaz A and Mary X, chapter 29 in Targeted Learning in Data Science, 2018 ‹pdf› ‹link